We've had the opportunity to work with some talented bloggers as part of our consulting services. Lauren offers her one-on-one services and experiences as a way for bloggers to ask questions, identify what they can do to grow their site & gain social media insider knowledge.

See what they had to say about working with Lauren:

I’m so happy that Lauren and I were able to talk and exchange ideas. Her experience in blogging was definitely useful for developing new ideas for my blog. She taught me multiple things that will allow me to expand A Southern Drawl in new ways that I had previously not considered. And, did I mention she’s the nicest gal ever? What a woman.
— Grace; A Southern Drawl

your friend jess.jpg
I immediately took the chance for a Blogger Coffee Date with Lauren because I wanted to learn more about how I’d be able to expand my blog, business-wise. After an hour of chatting, I ended up with five pages of notes and more information than I could ever research on my own! It was like a crash course in blogging and social media, except I got to be “face-to-face” with my favorite blogger. I ended the Skype call feeling excited to write, and that doesn’t happen too often.
— Jessica ; Your Friend, Jess